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액면계, 수면계 (Level Gauges)
자석식 레벨게이지(알람과 트렌스미터 부착형)
( Model Number : Alram & Transmitter )
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자석식 레벨게이지(알람과 트렌스미터 부착형)

  1. Alarm Contact
    Alarm contact and/or analog output can be additionally equipped onto KMF-50A
    -Contact & Capacity: 1 x SPST (self holding type) & 10W, AC/DC
    -Max. Dischargeable voltage: AC125V DC170V
    -Switch action: High or Low (field adjustable)
    -Possible setting point: Full range of indicator at -20~120deg.C and Exd 11 T5

  2. Transmitter Contact
    -Protection: Weather proof and Intrinsically safe
    -Max. Dischargeable voltage: AC125V DC170V
    -Power Supply & Output: DC 24V & DC 4~20mA
    -Possible setting point: Full range of indicator at -20~120deg.C
    -Max. load: 500 ohm for weather proof and 150 ohm for intrinsically safe (DC 24V)

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